Word of the Week


This week’s word comes from Carl on the Grand Valley River Trail in Michigan. We recently took an incredible trip in our Little Guy Max.   On this wonderful trail we met Carl – the trail host and groundskeeper.  He mentioned he needed to get an electric bike for the hilly parts and warned us that the trail bed was killer!

Hill appears ahead

Electric wheels a good choice

Other side flies by



This week’s word comes from Alex at the Pet Superstore.  I enjoy taking Gracie and she loves to sniff out any dropped food – dog or cat!  We went to buy more Greenies for Gracie. She loves them. On the package it suggests they get one a day.  She gets a lot more than that!  We calculated that last year alone she ate more than 1,000 of them. I am really trying to cut back.


Cash in the cloud coupon

A mighty five dollars off my offerings

Am I really saving?

Am I really saved?

A coupon is credit for being a good customer

I wonder…

Does God give out coupons?

I wonder…

Have I earned any?