Thoughts and Musings

Today is October 12….Columbus Day….the day we celebrate the discovery of our geography, the geography that proved the earth was round and not flat. Today I am totally flat.  Notwithstanding  the fact that I have had to be flat on my back for the past two weeks, I am totally emotionally flat.  This morning, at 6:58 a.m. I read a text from a dear friend that was the link to the obituary of her husband of forty years.  Scott was our friend. The story of how we met Scott and Jan, his wife, is one we tell often, really often. I cannot think of two people more unlike us but we have been close friends for the past ten years.  We’ve biked together – that is how we met. We’ve traveled together. We’ve visited in each other’s homes. We exchanged birthday cards.  We sent funny texts.  We got along because we value each other as people.  We didn’t talk politics or religion but we recognized a Higher Power’s presence in everything we did.

We saw Scott this past July and enjoyed a LONG bike ride on the Little Miami Trail. It was an interesting day – another encounter for the story books.  Scott came alone. Jan had a prior family commitment. I was surprised and even nervous. Scott has been battling mental health issues, specifically depression, for as long as we’ve known him and longer.  That being said…it did not define him to us.  He was just a funny, quirky, healthy friend who loved to ride bicycles with us, was loyal to his family, and always saw the good in everyone.  Jan let on, every now and then, about his health, but never confined Scott because of it.  She mentioned last winter that he was undergoing a treatment that “was the last hope.”  We were all hopeful and in July it appeared to be successful.   I am no expert but I am guessing that is the problem with treating mental health issues.

Now a dear friend is gone. I am so incredibly sad.