My Morning Routine

My morning routine WAS neat and complete.

All previous times were set to be beat.

Starting with the NYT mini-Crossword is best,     

Then onto mobilityware for my daily test:

Solitaire, Pyramid and Free Cell offer daily crowns galore;

It’s the crown, the stars, and the points that I play for.

Trophies in bronze, silver, and gold

Provide incentives that never grow old.

I added Killer Sudoku and Woodoku to my routine.

For a short time, I added a word search, but it was too lean.

When I heard from Carolyn about the new Wordle game –

At first, I ignored it; it just sounded too lame.

Finally, I took the plunge to figure out what was all the rage.

I was hooked.  I posted my first success on Cheryl’s Facebook page.

When the NYT bought the game, my stats went away, but I can truthfully report I never had a fail –

Well, until July 31st when I had a brain CRAMP and after six lines had to bail.

My morning routines IS neat and complete –

Adding WORDLE has made the puzzle routine a challenging treat.

About justbrinkley

poetry, flash fiction, prompts from a southern granny who should have been a writer.
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