I try to live in peace
Acknowledging the privilege I inherited by the color of my skin.
My faith asks me to do to others as I would expect them to do to me.
I work hard on this. Every day.

My life matters

Your life matters

God put us each here for a specific purpose.
Despite the turmoil in the world today,
I open my eyes and see
Queen Anne’s Lace,
Red and black berries, and
Faint purple blossoms of the crepe myrtle.

I open my ears and hear
Gray herons on the hunt
Woodpeckers making a home, and
Rustling pine trees in an unexpected, for June, breeze.

I open my soul and feel
Sorrow  for my fellow humans,
Desire to make it better, and
Peace I long to share with you.

About justbrinkley

poetry, flash fiction, prompts from a southern granny who should have been a writer.
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