Virus Verse


Alone I continue to be in self-quarantine,
nothing more to do than some verses glean.

Using the words neglected thus far,
I hope to pen a poem that raises the bar.

Last night in the wee morning hour
I penned my first six lines with rhyming power.

I had a word in a sentence rhyming with rock,
but now, oh dear, I’ve awakened with writer’s block.

The words to consider are grapefruit, jolly, flippant
odd, truth, and oh yes, esssse, should be sufficient

to create short poems for you…

Ripe ruby red chunks
Plunging a spoon delivers
Grapefruit to my eyes

Confined to my home
Tends to limit resources
Considered jolly

From five seven five
Poems are generated
Flippantly composed

Odd, odd, even, odd
Fibonacci would be proud
Three, five, eight, thirteen

Telling the whole truth
Before judgment of the court
Means time with bars

Ashes drawn from esssse
Remind me that I am dust,
to dust I return.


About justbrinkley

poetry, flash fiction, prompts from a southern granny who should have been a writer.
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