Antiquarian Aquatics


The zebra swim (shower) cap
skims the gentle waves
and lands softly on the lane rope.
Eunice was just too enthusiastic
as she ponied to Greased Lightning
sending ripples of chlorinated water
to bump in rhythm against the faded blue tile.

Rita perches on her wooden stool
imitating the choreographed motions but
without Eunice’s enthusiasm.

Grabbing a pink noodle,
Elaine wades into the steaming water
and begins to work it between her legs.
With her back to Rita, she moves
among the group enjoying her own song.
Eventually she tires of her melody
and leans on the silver rail.



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So long Facebook

Ash Wednesday


Every click a refresh
of new details


Real? Fake? It is too much.


Every blink a refresh
vivid with  chosen details

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About Time

i lived
thirty-four years
my happiness
depended on other

i no longer need
a person
a thing
a place
to guarantee
my happiness

but rather,
i choose to be
unaltered by

i choose to be
in order
to be happy

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What if I wrote today


I must scribe haiku

No chapter or verse in months

Marks me crestfallen

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around the table
the homeless
the mortgaged

what does it mean
if you are
the homeless
the mortgaged

our home is brick and mortar
his home is stars and dirt

our home locked tight at night
keeps out the stars and dirt
his home open and free
invites the wind, stars, and moon

we long for the wind, stars, and moon
he longs for the brick and mortar


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for Johanne, Ginna, Asa, Herbert, and Pete

fleeting breaths

with no promise

of one following the other are

the heartbreak of our humanness

keeping us in a state of hopelessness

wondering if

today is one of many

one of few

or the last

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Love Interest

S.I 1

A humble equation
Principal times rate times time
Equals interest earned

Like an equation
Seems simple enough

Interest calculated
From a foundation
Acted on with frequency
Over a lifetime

It should be

It should equate
But it feels
Like love was multiplied by zero
Making it zero itself

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